wpUpload iHelp

Welcome to the wpUpload iHelp Page!

Follow these easy instructions, and you will have your site ready to publish.

The Process

wpu Login

Open the Page

wpu Cushy

Edit Page

wpu Logo Blank

Publish Page

wpu Publish

Add Your Logo

wpu Logo Blank

wpu Logo Browse

wpu Logo Size


 wpu Logo

Add Your Email Info

wpu Email

Upload a Song

wpu Upload File

wpu Upload Target

wpu Upload Send

wpu Upload Complete


Use a Song Already at Dropbox

Visit WorshiPlanner/Dropbox iHelp

Embed Your Google Calendar

Go to the Section where you want the calendar and click Source

wpu Cal Code1


Go to your Google Calendar online

wpu Cal

Copy Code to Embed Calendar (Ctrl-C)

wpu Cal Embed

Paste Code in CMS (Ctrl-V)

wpu Cal Code

Publish page and . . .

wpu Cal View


Embed YouTube Videos

wpu YouTube

Paste (Ctrl-V) the Code into Your Page

wpu Embed YouTube

Your Users View the Video from Your Page, not YouTube

wpu Katie