The Director iHelp – Rehearsals

The Director Rehearsal form is designed to help select songs from the Music Library  and create a Rehearsal Flow Sheet to help you economize your rehearsal time.

  1. Double click to add or change the Line Type
  2. Double click to add a song
  3. Click to select a Rehearsal
  4. Rehearsal Reports
  5. Open Newsletter App Dashboard
  6. Open the Popup Google Calendar
  7. Open Library Popup or double click the center of a planning form line
  8. Select Library Popup position
  9. Library Popup – can be set wide or narrow and compact or tall
  10. Double click to select a song from the Library
  11. View or open Local PDF or Mp3 files
  12. View or open Cloud PDF or Mp3 files
  13. Edit Rehearsal Notes
  14. Add Rehearsal Start Time
  15. Add Event Time of Line – With a Start time, click on the top line to calculate line times for the Rehearsal



Add a Song
TD Select Song

  1. Begin typing Song Title
  2. Double click Song Title to enter


Rehearsal Notes
TD RehNotes
To add a note, click the note name on the left, then edit the note in the box on the right.  To edit note shortcuts:

  1. Type Name of shortcut
  2. Type shortcut to use

Rehearsal Report
TD Notes

  • Preview, Print, Export to Word, or Create PDF

Rehearsal Plansheet Tools

  • Copy this Rehearsal
  • Delete Rehearsal
  • Open Stopwatch Counter
  • Search