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You don’t have to be an expert with spreadsheets!  We have all the Forms, Receipts, Statements you need, PLUS a built-in Group Email program to deliver them.


Dealing with Group Payments is a PAIN! OK, 100 students stand in line to make payments for the band trip coming up.  You have to:

  • take their money
  • enter the amount, check # and such
  • print a receipt
  • print a Statement
  • email the statement
  • track all their payments
  • track the group payments

Who Has This Kind of Time?


  • Mark Me Paid – a unique program for tracking with member payments and accounts
  • Member Transaction form stores payment data
  • Payments added on member account cards or the Account ledger
  • Payments and Balances mail-merged into Email and Texts

Group Email

  • Mail merge Payments and Balances into emails
  • Automatically attach PDF statements to group emails

Account Manager

  • Create accounts for trips, fundraiser, projects, music lessons.  Virtually any money payment situation.
  • Add Members to accounts, or accounts to Members
  • View and Edit Account Register or go to Member account forms


  • View and print Receipts, Group Account Summaries, Statements
  • PDF reports for emailing with just a touch
  • Automatically attach PDF statements to group emails


  • Quickly enter every payment transaction.  Select Line Items, Categories, and Sub-Categories and more from drop lists.
  • Quickly Edit any transaction or Account.  Stay on top of your Administration!
  • Manage Member documents as well (Applications, Permission forms, etc.)

Online iHelp

  • Screen shots of every function
  • Easy links to iHelp

Here’s How Pricing Works

One-time Purchase

If you just need The Music Budget for one computer, this is the package you need.

Annual Updates/Support?

Then you need to purchase the one-time product, and add an annual subscription of $xx so we can give you unlimited support and software updates.

More Than One Computer?

That’s not a problem!  For every additional workstation where you want to install this software, add a workstation license to your cart.

Subscription Free Updates

If you want to be free and clear of recurring costs, but you still want updated software, select the one-time update anytime you want the latest version of our software.

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