Interactive Music-Teaching Software

Music Made Easy Goes Kahoot

Interactive Music-Teaching Software

Product Features

  • A new way to learn or teach music!
  • NEW! Quizzes in the Kahoot! video game app!
  • Complete music primer for all ages
  • Lines – Spaces – Clefs – Notes – Scales – Intervals, and much more!
  • Trains choir members or individuals to read music
  • Designed for Schools, Churches, or Home Schools
  • Use a computer and video projector for groups (PC based – Macs need Windows)

One Church Added 50 New Choir Members in 1 Month!

  • Four Sundays
  • Sunday Lunch (Sandwich, Chips and a Drink)
  • Music Reading Lessons Using Music Made Easy
  • 50 New Choir Members!

Most Churches have dozens of members who would sing in choir if they knew when to turn the page! This approach works!

Ideal for Home School

Music Made Easy is a great tool for parents who want to teach their Homeschoolers how to read music. Since this software is a complete music-reading curriculum, even parents without a music background can effectively teach their Home Schooled children to read music. Music Made Easy is designed specifically for ease of use either in an individualized or group-based setting.

Here are some ideas how Music Made Easy can enhance Home School Education:

  • Use Music Made Easy in a cooperative group setting to teach dozens of students at a time, or use it at home with one or more children.
  • Give students assignments to complete the Music Made Easy quizzes on their own in the Kahoot! app.
  • Enhance music-learning by enrolling children in lessons to learn to play a musical instrument.

For less than the cost of three piano lessons, Music Made Easy gives you an entire music-reading curriculum.

Music Made Easy

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