iHelp Guest Nametags

  1. Basic Guest Information
  2. Editable Nametag – double click to select song or person
  3. Select which Nametag Prints – double click to select song or person
  4. Services Choose to Print or Preview Nametag
  5. Select Fields  Choose Standard or Simple Data Entry


Guest Name tags

  • Requires a GoDex DT4 Thermal Printer
  • After Registering Guest, their info is entered into the Membership database
  • Members of this group appear in the right window.
  • You can Text or Email Guests after they are registered

Select Nametag (4 choices)

  • Guest Tag – Print an identifying nametag for guest
  • Guest and Message – Print nametag and a message tag for the guest (turn in this coupon for a free choir CD, or such)
  • Message Tag – Print only additional message tags
  • Barcode Tag – Print a barcode tag that can be used to check guest in until they secure the QR Check-In app (requires a D2 barcode scanner)

Print/Preview Nametags

  • Print nametag
  • Preview nametag (without the GoDex DT4 printer installed, this feature will be less than satisfactory)

Select Fields

  • Standard requires more time to fill out
  • Simple collects just name, cell and email address

Edit Nametag

  • Change the banner wording and font
  • Block the banner text and rollover the selected text to edit
  • Though you can change the color, that is un-necessary with your black and white thermal printer (no ink)
  • You can also change the font size for the name

Print a Barcode for a Member

  • Some members may not have a smart phone
  • Type name in the Find Member box and select member
  • Click Print Nametag