The Director iHelp – Printer Setup

prn P and F

Setting Up a GoDex DT4 Printer

  • Load label roll into Printer as per Printer Instruction
  • Plug in printer to electric power and USB cable to computer
  • Install Printer drivers from CD disk that was packaged with Printer
  • Right click GoDex DT4 (If your printer is named GoDex DT4x, please rename it without the X) and select Printing Preferences

prn Prefs

Edit Nametag Size

  • Click New
  • Give the Nametag name (like Choir Nametag)
  • Set the width at 4.00 in and the height at 2.00 in
  • Set Automatic Preset Selection with the name of your nametag (like Choir Nametag)
  • Click OK
  • Go back to Printing Preferences

prn Edit Tag

Edit Cutting Nametag After Printing

  • Click Stock
  • Set Media Handling Post -Print Action to Cut
  • Set Occurrence to After Every Label
  • Set Position Adjustments  Stop Position to 1.24 in

prn P Prefs

Trouble-shooting Misaligned Labels

  • Open Printer Properties for GoDex DT4 printer
  • Click Tools
  • Select Action
  • Select Send file to Printer
  • Browse for the GodexRescueScript.txt file
  • Download Rescue Script 

prn P Prefs Rescue