QR Check-In Info Page

Members open their smart phone QR Check-In app, scan it with the D2 Barcode Scanner (like the Motorola DS9208), and they are checked in to the rehearsal or other event. Seconds later, send a text message or email based on attendance. Members without a smart phone can use a barcode printed by the host program. DualIPhone_5QRDS9208right

How does QR Check-In work?

  • Members download the free iPhone or Android QR Check-In app
  • Enter Name, Member ID and Organization ID (available to Organization leadership)
  • Members Open app and scan their QR code into the Hands-free scanner

What It Takes

QR Check-In is an accessory for WorshiPlanner  that allows the members to check-in using their cell phone or even a barcode if they do not have a smart phone.

  • The HOST program, WorshiPlanner.
  • Hands-free D2 barcode scanner (like Motorola DS9208, which we sell refurbished.)
  • Computer capable of running Microsoft Office. The software is PC based, but runs on a Mac using Parallels and Windows. The software can be loaded on multiple computers, and should be networked. The scanner requires a USB port.
  • QR Check-In app for iPhone or Android

What Groups Could Use QR Check-In?

  • Choirs
  • Bands
  • Orchestras
  • Classrooms
  • Church Groups
  • Civic Clubs
  • Virtually Any Group with or without Smart Phones

Try the QR Check-In App yourself

The QR Check-In App is downloadable from the App Store or Google Play.. you can download the App and try it yourself.

  • Enter your name
  • Use 000 for the Member ID
  • Use 3E8 as the Organization code


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