iHelp – Worship Songs


Worship Songs by the Numbers

  1. Type Song Title Here –  to find a song
  2. Click to Highlight Find Click to select highlight the Find Song field
  3. Open Cloud or Local links– Select Song and these buttons open the song card to the links page
  4. Check Boxes – indicate Tagged, Mp3, PDF, Stem or Cloud links
  5. Selected Song Title – Collection name, Key, Page #
  6. Sort by Page #
  7. Sort by Last Date
  8. History
  9. Themes
  10. Lyrics
  11. Cloud and Local Links
  12. Theme Tags and Theme List



Searching Worship Songs by the Numbers

  1. Search –  to find songs that match certain criteria
  2. Select field to Search – Select field from list
  3. Select Criteria– Type or Select from list
  4. Start – Begin Search
  5. Save search 
  6. Type name for this search and Save

Saving a search does not save a list of songs, but rather a criteria.  When you add a theme to a new song, and it matches this criteria, the song will appear in the list of the Saved Search.  When you select a Saved Search either here, or in Services/Rehearsals, only this list of songs appears.

And/Or Searches

To expand the search you can add a criteria by clicking AND.

To narrow the search, use the OR selection.