The Director – iHelp Guest Nametags

  1. Basic Guest Information
  2. Click to Print Nametag
  3. Select Nametag to Print
  4. Print or Preview Nametag
  5. Select to display all fields or just the basics
  6. Edit Nametag layout


Guest Name tags

  • Requires a GoDex DT4 Thermal Printer
  • After Registering Guest, their info is entered into the Membership database
  • Members of this group appear in the right window.
  • You can Text or Email Guests after they are registered

Select Nametag (4 choices)

  • Guest Tag – Print an identifying nametag for guest
  • Guest and Message – Print nametag and a message tag for the guest (turn in this coupon for a free choir CD, or such)
  • Message Tag – Print only additional message tags
  • Barcode Tag – Print a barcode tag that can be used to check guest in until they secure the QR Check-In app (requires a D2 barcode scanner)

Print/Preview Nametags

  • Print nametag
  • Preview nametag (without the GoDex DT4 printer installed, this feature will be less than satisfactory)

Select Fields

  • Standard requires more time to fill out
  • Simple collects just name, cell and email address

Edit Nametag

  • Change the banner wording and font
  • Block the banner text and rollover the selected text to edit
  • Though you can change the color, that is un-necessary with your black and white thermal printer (no ink)
  • You can also change the font size for the name

Print a Barcode for a Member

  • Some members may not have a smart phone
  • Type name in the Find Member box and select member
  • Click Print Nametag