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The Email Component is one of the great features of WorshiPlanner.  Some churches have sent out in excess of 60,000 emails a year.  The ability to personalize the emails makes its use valuable.

The Email Form by the Numbers

  1. Select Group or Member – the drop list contains a list of Groups or Members depending on which radio button is selected
  2. Merge Fields – click to add First Name, Connection Partner, or Member ID wherever the cursor is currently in the email edit area.  When opened from the Atttendance form, it also includes merging a Personal Note that is written on the Attendance Marking form.
  3. Subject – This information is required to send an email.
  4. Email editing area – Data entered here is in HTML format.  To view the code, click the left hand button on the form.
  5. Upload a graphic to view in the email  Large files will slow down the sending and opening of the email.
  6. Change the font colors, size, etc.
  7. Add Horizontal Line
  8. Blind Copy – When selected, a copy of the email will go to the Selected Member.  This features simply send a copy of the email.  A true BCC would send 100 copies if you had 100 in your group.
  9. Attach File 1 and 2 – Click the Paperclip to browse for a file to attach.  Double clicking the Path in the field after attaching will open the file.
  10. Save Template – This saves a copy of the Email as a template to re-use.Save Template – This saves a copy of the Email as a template to re-use.
  11. Save Signature – Create Signature as an Email, then click here to save it in your Signature List
  12. Clear– This clears the editing area and subject
  13. Tab – Adds a tab to the Email text.
  14. Log – displays send history for Emails
  15. SEND
  16. NEW! Email Reply Buttons – Click here to create and use Reply buttons for Email or Newsletter forms
  17. Saved Templates – Click the Subject to edit or use this Email Template
  18. Save Email Draft on Close – Auto save current email
  19. Setup – Opens Setup Form for entering Email credentials and program password info.
  20. View lists of Successful or Unsuccessful Emails – also view lists of bad email addresses
  21. Saved Email signatures – Click to view or Double click to use Email Signature.  Be sure to change the Subject
  22. Preview Pane for Email Signatures 


Email Reply Buttons

Email Reply Buttons lets you create and use various Submit buttons that will open the users’ email component with a preset Subject line of your choosing.

The Email Reply Form by the Numbers

  1. Select Size – Large, Medium or Small
  2. Select Buttons – Currently 12 sets of choices
  3. Type Reply Address or Select from the drop list of members
  4. Edit Affirmative Subject
  5. Edit Negative Subject
  6. Double Click button Choice


  1. Delete Emails Prior to a specific date – Select your date and click Delete
  2. Data Sheet View
  3. Sort Buttons for each column

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