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Build a vibrant, active, and exciting choir ministry!   The FREE You Can Build a God-Sized Choir video requires a password which you will receive via email.

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The Music Made Easy Videos are available to teach music reading skills to your choir members.  They are arranged in sequential order to aid a quick learning experience.  There are 53 videos that range in duration from 1 to 5 minutes in length, that are now available to your choir members 24/7.

These videos are FREE for your choir members.  We want to help you re-build your choir when we are all able to get back together.

The Music Made Easy Videos will let your members progress at their own speed in learning the language of music.   Please sign up below to receive the password to enable your choir members to access the videos.

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Teaching Music Made Easy through a Zoom meeting is also a great way to connect your choir, and raise their ability to learn new music!  Until you can meet in person, with a Sunday lunch-time class, the Zoom meeting is the best idea.  You can order your personal copy of Music Made Easy below using PayPal or your credit card.

The cost for WP Users is just $49.


Invite potential choir members to your exciting choir . . . online!

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Touch-Free Roll Checking!

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WorshiPlanner can make your  music ministry rally Sing, or Zing!  You get:

  • The BEST Music Library on computer
  • The ONLY Newsletter App created by Multiple Choice
  • UNPARALLELED Worship Planning
  • Personalized Group EMAIL and TEXT
  • Touch-less Digital Roll Check-In
  • 53 Music Teaching Videos for your folks
  • Choir Connection Partner System built-in!
  • Much MORE . . .!
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