MMP iHelp – Transactions

Group Transaction Entry

  1. Select Member
  2. Enter Payment Amount
  3. Enter Payment Type (check, cash, etc.)
  4. Check Number
  5. Enter Item ( 1st Payment, Final Payment, etc.)
  6. When finished, Click Update Payments

Enter Transactions

Double Click any Member Name to Open their Account Card


  1. Select Payment, Charge or Deposit
  2. Enter Payment Amount
  3. Enter Item
  4. Click Insert
  5. Path to PDF Statement
  6. This Account Totals and  All Account Totals

Member Account Reports


  1. Select Receipt, Current Account or All Account Statements
  2. Select Mode
  3. Enter a Note for These Reports
  4. Click Run Report to Create Report

Member Statement


Payment and Receipt


MMP Receipt

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