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Don't take work home!

Too much time spent working is TOO much!


Spend less time creating and maintaining your budget.

The Music Budget gives you more time for MUSIC!

We have done the work, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks.


Easy to Use

  • Design your budget, get it approved, and you are ready for transaction entry
  • In just a minute, you will have a complete understanding of The Music Budget
  • Designed to be Intuitivetool.

Account Manager

Teach your group the basics of music-reading with Music Made Easy, and enhance your conducting techniques with Conducting Made Easy.

Budget Designer

  • Create impressive, detailed budgets line item by line item
  • Add or modify budget items
  • Automatically calculates prices based on Cost, Number of Items, and Copies


  • View and print Account Summary, Transaction Listing, General and detailed Budget Request reports
  • Get the Detail where it counts

Transaction Entry

  • Quickly enter every purchase transaction.  Select Line Items, Sub-Accounts, Description and more from drop lists.
  • Track Spending

Online Help

  • 24/7 online instructions to make your job easier
  • Screen shots of every function
  • Easy links to iHelp

Here’s How Pricing Works

Monthly Plan

First time users get a 30-day free trial! You will not be charged until day 31 of your purchase. The BEST way to test drive The Music Budget!

Yearly Subscription Plan

Save 10% by purchasing the Yearly subscription. You will be billed on the anniversary of your purchase. Support and updates are included.

Support and Updates

You will receive our Premium Support! All Updates are included at no additional charge.

Additional Computers?

That’s not a problem!  For every additional workstation where you want to install this software, add a workstation license to your cart.


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