The Director iHelp – Group Email

Email Group


The Director Email Form
It is imperative that your Email Credentials be entered on the Settings form.  We do not use Outlook, but the settings for your outgoing email are identical.

  1. Opens the Email form with this Account in the “To: box”
  2. Merges First Name, Roommate, Personal Note, Payments, Balance and up to 5 Documents
  3. Email must have a subject
  4. Enter email message in rich text format
  5. Change colors, fonts, size, etc.
  6. Upload images
  7. Use saved Email Templates
  8. Save current Email
  9. Go to email Setup page
  10. Attach all PDF Statements for Account Members
  11. Attach additional docs


The Email Component is one of the great features of The Director.  Some organizations have sent out in excess of 60,000 emails a year.  The ability to personalize the emails makes its use valuable.


Email Reply Buttons
Email Reply Buttons lets you create and use various Submit buttons that will open the users’ email component with a preset Subject line of your choosing.
The Email Reply Form by the Numbers

  1. Select Button Pair
  2. Select Size – Large, Medium or Small
  3. Type Reply Address or Select from the drop list of members
  4. Edit Affirmative Subject
  5. Edit Negative Subject
  6. Double Click button Choice
  7. When using smaller buttons, you can add a space between them



  1. Click Subject to View Email
  2. This subject displays email on the right
  3. Cellphone view of email