MB iHelp Budget Overview

1.  Transaction Entry

This is where every financial transaction will be posted.  Transactions can be tracked by date, category, payee,  and of course, amount.

2.  Budget Designer

This is where you will create the Budget.  After editing and approval, the Budget data is copied to the Transaction Entry Form for beginning the posting process.

3.  Check Requests

Check requests are created and managed in the Check Request form.  There are 2 reports available to use.  To change the check options, click the Labels button.  Vendors and Staff can be edited as well.  Additional information can be changed by clicking Info on the Settings form.

4.  Budget Reports

Multiple reports are available.  The Budget Detailed and Summary reports are generated with the Budget Designer and the rest are from the Transaction Entry Form.

5.  Categories-Line Items

It is imperative that you edit the Categories and Line Items to match your bookkeeping system.  It will require that the Account # be entered on both the Account # and Line Item fields.

6.  Sub-Categories

To help identify transaction, you can edit the sub-categories as well.  to add a new one, go to the bottom of the list and type it in.

7.  Settings

Click Create New User to add you login information.  The Info button give access to the Check Request editable details.