The Director iHelp – Uniforms

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  1. Locate specific Uniform
  2. Open a Saved Search (like Coats, or Hats,etc.)
  3. Radio Buttons for Tagged; Scanned; Assigned; Returned; or Overdue
  4. School Asset ID #
  5. Refresh after viewing a Saved Search
  6. Mark Overdue Uniforms based on Return by Date
  7. Clear All Overdue Items
  8. Send Email to Overdue Students
  9. Remove Selected Assignment
  10. Double Click to open Uniform Card
  11. Double Click to open Member Card
  12. Select a Global Return date – Set the Global Return date
  13. Search by any criteria

  1. Double click Uniform name to open Uniform Card
  2. Double click Instrument name to open Instrument Card

  1. Scanned
  2. Returned
  3. Assigned
  4. Uniform Name
  5. Student List for Checkout
  6. Date of Checkout
  7. Anticipated Return Date
  8. >Check Out Information