The Director iHelp – EZ Check-In

EZ Check-In is a unique Attendance checking program that can be utilized by: Cell Phone app; Bar Codes on a card or label; Typing in a Member #; or even by scanning a finger.

EZ Check-In Setup

  1. Select Print Option for Nametags
  2. Toggle to view list of no-checked-in members
  3. Select Printer
  4. Select The Director Member ID or an alternate Student Id (These #’s MUST be unique!)
  5. Edit options for Scan Form
  6. Edit and Select Messages for Scan Form
  7. Set pause time for displaying name and picture
  8. Toggle Message to Display
  9. Select Event at the top
  10. Select Date from Calendar
  11. Select Class
  12. View Tardy Time
  13. Edit Class and Tardy Times
  14. Click Start Scanning opens Scan Form
  15. Edit Nametag layout
  16. Edit the Nametag Header
  17. Set Font Sizes for Nametag
  18. View Scanned Events
  19. Add Logo to Scan Form (Right Click Picture to Drag to Upload box)

EZ Check-In Scan Form

  1. Back button closes Scan Form without creating Excel file with Scans
  2. Close Scan Form and Create the Excel File with Scans in it.  The file is used in Attendance to Sync the data.
  3. Keypad for Manually entering Member ID or Student ID.
  4. Field that accepts Scan data
  5. Marks Connection Partner connected
  6. List of Members who are not Checked-in
  7. List of Members who are Checked-in