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5 Year Plan

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We are pleased to announce the soon release of Hymns in My Heart  3 – 5 The Hymns are accompanied by the piano artistry of Dick Tunney.  His touch adds real excitement to the Piano TracksAgain this year the vocals are performed by Holly Faull Poston.

The children (grades 1-5) in your church can experience the legacy of Hymn singing!  When kids learn Hymns, they can follow the instructions in Colossians 3:16 “With thankful Hearts sing Psalms, and Hymns, and Spiritual Songs to God.”

The Plan includes a downloadable App that parents can put on their child’s tablet.  Each church subscription gives UNLIMITED downloads for your church.

Each App shows a list of the 12 Hymns for the current Year along with 2 videos each.  The videos all contain the actual music appearing in real time.

  •  Mp4 (video) file of the Hymn played and sung.
  •  Mp4 (video) file of the piano playing the Hymn so the children can practice.

The App also includes a link to our Bugle Boy Music Made Easy YouTube Channel which contains 53 music teaching videos to help the children learn to read music.

Hymns are listed by month so that a Childrens Choir worker can listen to the child sing that month’s Hymn and mark it off their list.

We recommend giving each child who completes Year One a Hymnal with their name engraved on the cover.  The children will cherish this Hymnal for life!   For additional Years of Hymns in My Heart, each church will need to create their own rewards program.

Each year we create a new collection of Hymns until 5 years have been completed.  Each year’s hymns are not any more difficult than the previous year but introduces 12 more Hymns for the children. 

Children who complete all 5 years will learn 60 Hymns!

There are two versions of the Hymns in My Heart Plan

The Church Plan

Hymns in My Heart is a Hymn Memory Plan for Kids in the Childrens Choir or Sunday School of your church. 

You will receive a customized download that can be shared with every child in the music program or even the entire church Childrens Program.   The App can be used on a cell phone or tablet.

We introduced Year One of Hymns in My Heart this past year and Year 2 this year.  We are adding 36 additional Hymns this year

You can either use Year 1 with first grade, Year 2 with second grade, etc., or have all students use the same year’s hymns.

Each church purchases a subscription and emails the link to the parents of all their grade school children. Parents download the Hymns in My Heart App to their child’s tablet or phone. 

Cost for the program subscription is just $149 per year per church for UNLIMITED downloads for your church members. 

Payment Options

The Family Plan

Hymns in My Heart is also available on a per family basis.  The App will be a great Family Devotional starter for the whole family to memorize Hymns

How much fun to learn Hymns as a Family!  Of course, the parents may have the advantage of knowing most of the Hymns already.

There will be a total of 5 years of Hymns in My Heart, one of 12 hymns per year.

Cost of a Hymns in My Heart subscription is just $9.95 per year.







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