More Summer Zooms now added for AUGUST! 


4 Zooms – First 4 Tuesdays of August!

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The Great WorshiPlanner Giveaway!!

Read what some users say about WorshiPlanner

 That’s right!  Bugle Boy Music is giving away 1,000 6-Month Subscriptions to WorshiPlanner!  No strings attached!  You get ALL the benefits of the great Music Ministry Management tool that many say is the BEST way to grow a Music Ministry, for the next 6 Months!


If you have a Choir, there is none better!


We think that when you try WorshiPlanner, you will want to keep it and wish you had used it long before.  Just because the current trend is for an online planning program that is not really designed for a choir, does not mean that it is the ONLY program available.

I am interested in a 6-month trial of WorshiPlanner

  • I am using the popular online planning program but am interested in how WorshiPlanner could help me.
  • I am aware that some Music Ministers use BOTH WorshiPlanner and the online planning program.
  • I realize that there is no requirement to continue the subscription beyond the trial.

No Credit Card Necessary

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WorshiPlanner Online Sign Out Sheets


What if your choir members could let you know weeks or months in advance when they needed to miss choir rehearsal or Sunday Service?  Would that help you with your future planning?  A paper Sign Out sheet would work if choir members were in the Choir Room 24/7.  But they are not!  Why not let them Sign Out from the WorshiPlanner News App?

Introducing the new WorshiPlanner Choir Sign Out Sheets.  The Online way for your choir to let you know their absence schedule.  The Choir Connection Partner System is a great way to keep up with choir members and gauge their level of connection to the choir on a week-to-week basis, however a look at future absences can help you with your service planning.  If there is a low participation Sunday coming up, you could alter the plans.

Your Sign Out Sheets will be online at your Google Drive.  They are accessed with a WorshiPlanner News App link and choir members can have 24/7 access to let you know their anticipated absence schedules.

WorshiPlanner 2024

One packageYou get it ALL!

One price.

Unlimited Planning.

What software offers as much?!

Yours for just $29 per Month!

Service Planning

WorshiPlanner – The Most Complete Music Management System!

Produces Awesome Flow Charts

Music Library and Worship Songs Popup to Edit

You will never go back to the Yellow Legal Pad.

Rehearsal Planning

Prepare Services and Rehearsals well in advance

Share Services and Rehearsals in the News App!

Do all your planning in one program

Save Time!!

Music Library

Manage print and digital music

Link to PDF and Mp3 files

Track Song usage

Search by any criteria

Cell Phone Check-In

The Quick and Easy Way to Check Roll!

Members check in with QR App.

Attendance data automatically entered in computer.

Send Emails or Texts before rehearsal is Over!

FREE QR Check-In App

Free QR Check-In App for Members.

Download from the App Store or Google Play.

Try the App yourself with the Button Below


Connection Partner System

You NEVER Lose Connected Choir Members!!

Connection Partner System Incorporated in WP

3 Kinds of Emails Each week

  • Present Great Rehearsal!
  • Absent – ConnectedThanks for Connecting!
  • Absent – NOT ConnectedMissed you!  We did not hear from you.  Are you okay?

Email/Text Present, Connected, Unconnected

To keep members Connected, you MUST communicate every week based on attendance.

Merge a personal note to Members.

Members appreciate the personal touch!

Incredible News App

What an awesome way to share data!

8 YouTube videos.

Share Mp3 and PDF files.

Rehearse from their phone or tablets!

Music Reading Software

This interactive Music Teaching software is easy to use.

Teach Music Reading and you will enlist more new choir members!

Some would love to sing in choir, but don’t know when to turn the page.

Teach them to read music!!

Teaching syllabus and PDF tests included.


The Music Budget

Design and Manage Music Budget Resources

Track Expenditures

Easy Transaction Entry

You will become a real professional!


Mark Me Paid

Tracks individual member accounts.

Easy to use.

Email group statements

Transaction entry is a breeze.


Still the BEST!





The Modulator Praise Band Edition 


 44 A-Modulations You Can Use

Click the Pizza Pic to sign up for our Email list, and get a slice of The Modulator Praise Band Edition on us!  It is FREE!  That’s right FREE! 

When you use the A-Mods, we think you will want the whole pie!


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Click any Pic for More . . .


 News, PDF’s, MP3’s, More


Welcome2Choir App


QR EZ Check-In App

Hymns in My Heart App


WorshiPlanner—Church Music Office

Manage membership data, plan services, and communicate via group-text or email with WP, a comprehensive planning tool.

Mark Me Paid

Skip the spreadsheets and use Mark Me Paid forms, receipts, and statements. Then email them to your members directly from the program.

Music Teaching

Teach your group the basics of music-reading with Music Made Easy, and enhance your conducting techniques with Conducting Made Easy.

QR Check-In

EZ QR Check-in is built into WorshiPlanner. It is easy to use and comes with a FREE QR App available at the App Store and Google Play.

The Music Budget

Create budgets, track spending, produce detailed reports, manage accounts at a glance with The Music Budget. Track member payments with Mark Me Paid.

The Modulator Band and Orchestra

The Modulator Band and Orchestra – The same wonderful modulations from The Modulator, but for your whole orchestra!

Music Library

Manage and organize your music library–both print and digital. The Music Library is contained in both WorshiPlanner and The Director.

The Modulator

Interactive PDF with six modulations for every major key change you can either print or view directly on an iPad or tablet with The Modulator.

Grow Your Choir

Videos & PowerPoint presentations reveal how to grow your choir to the max. Welcome2Choir.com shows potential new members how easy and fun it is to be a part of your choir


Metadata of Worship Songs

Modulator Band and Orchestra Pages


Modulations in The Modulator