Bio – Jim Faull

I am a lifelong Minister of Music, who grew up in New Orleans under some great ministers of music.  I learned that the purpose of music ministry was to give everyone the opportunity to serve the Lord through Music.  My first trumpet solo in church proved that God could even use an eighth grader.   While in college and seminary, I played trumpet and guitar in a folk-gospel trio named We Three Kings.  We travelled and sang in more than 500 churches, and even toured the Orient, giving concerts in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

Since the churches we sang in had ministers of music, I learned both things to do and things not to do to grow choirs.

I received a Bachelor of Music degree from Louisiana College where I met the love of my life Martha Dalton from Lake Charles, LA.   We married and moved to Fort Worth, TX where I earned a Master’s of Church Music degree from Southwestern Theological Seminary.   We served Oakland Heights Baptist in Longview, TX, First Baptist Odessa, TX, First Baptist Merritt Island, FL, Roswell Street Baptist, Marietta, GA, and Summer Grove Baptist, Shreveport, LA, and numerous interim churches in Louisiana.  After more than 8 years at Summer Grove Baptist, I was invited to serve the Louisiana Baptist Convention as Director of the Church Music Department, which I did for over 9 years.

I had a passion for building choirs, and in every church we served  the choir grew.  In fact, opportunities began opening to teach music ministers the keys to building choirs.  When computers were introduced to churches, I looked for the best way to use a computer to manage the music ministry.  The software I envisioned did not exist, so I began to develop my own.   

A friend and I  had a providential lunch engagement one day.  I was finishing planning a worship service and he asked me to show him the software program I was using.  When I told him that it was a software application that I developed, he wanted it.  He said if I would write some documentation, he would be my first customer.   I did and he did.  Word spread and more and more churches were using RapidPlannerWindows came along and we hired a programmer to make RapidPlanner into a Windows program.  The software was renamed WorshiPlanner in 2005.

We continued to improve WorshiPlanner and added features that allow it to help manage even the largest church music programs.  We became the first program to store the links to PDF and Mp3 files on song cards in the Music Library, to share with choir members.  The first of its kind News App let’s you communicate with team members 24/7.

One of our programs, The Modulator has been used in several thousand churches.  It creates that little snippet of music to bridge the gap between songs of different keys.  My friend Lew King collaborated with me to create 792 modulations in PDF format.

If you would like to have a brief Zoom meeting to preview our software, I will give you your copy of The Modulator.  You can get in touch with me at 770-653-5094 or jim@jimfaull.com.

Thanks for reading.

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