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Music Library

Stores the data of your choral and instrumental printed music as well as the electronic media files associated with these songs (sound or PDF files). Many churches are now scanning their printed orchestrations so they can link to the PDF orchestration on the Library Card in WorshiPlanner. All of the data in the Music Library is available while you are planning a worship service. The Music Library and Membership modules will import your data from CSV or XLS files. Print box labels for your library or hard copy lists of library songs.

The New Cloud Links

WorshiPlanner can link to files stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.  You upload a file to your Cloud, and do a directly shared link to the file.

Click here for more about Cloud Links. . .

Music Library Search Form

To locate a song title, begin typing the title and the locator will bring the title in to view. You may also scroll or Page Down through the list. Once you have found your title, double-click it and the Library Card for that title will appear.

Add New Song

To add a new song, click the NEW button. The Library Info Card appears for you to fill in all the appropriate info.

Data Sheet View

The DATA button opens the datasheet form. Pressing Ctrl-“, copies the contents of the field above current field. This is useful in duplicating repetitive data such as publisher, Library #, Collection name, etc.
Other Microsoft shortcuts work here as well (Ctrl-C = copy; Ctrl-V = paste; Ctrl-X = cut; Ctrl-Z = undo)


Select songs or members from your lookup tables by any criteria (title, theme, publisher, composer, or any combination of fields).

  • Click the Search button
  • To begin a new search, select NEW
  • Select the field
  • Type a word or select from a list in “What are you looking for?”
  • Expand or narrow the search with  AND  or OR
  • Click the Start button
  • Click the Save button to save your search by assigning a name to it.
    To delete Saved Searches, go to Utilities on the Main Menu. When you select Delete Saved Searches, you will be able to view all searches. Select the search and use the Del key on your keyboard.
    Notice that the search criterion appears on the bar at the bottom of the form.
    To show all songs again, click the Refresh Songs button.

Search Tips

Less info in the search is better. For instance, if you are looking for Word Music, Inc., just select Publisher as the field, and type “word”. This will find: Word Music, Word, inc., or just Word. If you get too specific, you may not pull up all possibilities.
When searching for check box info (MP3, PDF, Orchestration, etc.) use -1 for Yes or 0 for No.

Theme TipsAdd themes to several songs at the same time

  • Click the Tag checkbox by the songs to theme
  • Click the Theme Tags button at the top
  • Enter the Theme and Save

Theme List- View/Edit all themes

To remove a theme from All songs, click the theme and the trash can

Library Card Form

Song Details tab – vital information

You can define two additional fields, you can track virtually any piece of music or equipment or other resource in your care.

Cover tab – browse for a pic of the anthem/collection cover

Themes tab – edit themes

If this is handbell music, for instance, you might want to assign the theme Handbell Music. You can select from the list of themes, or type in your own, which will become a part of the list.

Checkout tab – Music loaned out

Keep up with music or equipment loaned to another person or church. If the borrower is a non-member, you will want to create a group of persons you lend to in Members so you can be able to contact them at a later date. The Overdue Library items report in the Reports menu will help you maintain some control over the lending process.



Local PDF/Sound Links tab -link to files on your computer

Link to an orchestration or score PDF, as well as linking to a sound file. WorshiPlanner will play whatever sound file that your computer recognizes.

Cloud PDF/Sound Links tab -Link to Cloud Files

Link to any file you have in Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. WorshiPlanner will open whatever sound file that your computer recognizes.

Lyrics tab – store lyrics for this song

Scripture tab – store scripture references or the entire scripture

Flow Notes tab – saved flow notes from the Worksheet


Instrumentation tab – record instrumentation for this song


Library Pick Form

  • Appears in the WorshiPlanner Worksheet when the middle of a line with  Library database is Double-Clicked.
  • To find a song title, start typing the title. Usually the song is located after just a few strokes. You may also locate s title by scrolling through the list with the Page Down or Page Up buttons or using the mouse on the scroll bar to the right.
  • To clear the Find a song title use the Del key or Backspace key.
  • To enter the song title on the Worksheet, double click the left mouse button.
  • To Open the Song Card, right click the title
  • If you have saved any searches, you can select a search and those titles will be available for selection in the Worksheet. This is very useful when planning theme-based services.
  • To remove the results of a saved search, just click the Refresh button.
  • To view songs by Library number, just click the Library Number button at the top of that column. Click Title to re-sort alphabetically by title.
  • To view additional info about a song, use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the form.

History Pane

Appears when a record is touched in the Pick Form for that database while in the Worksheet, or a line is touched where a song or member has been added. If ever a wrong song title or member name appears in the History Pane, it means that the song title or member name was not selected from the list in the Pick Form, but was typed or pasted there.

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