The Director

The Director

Music Program Management Software at its best!


  • Unlimited Group Creation!
  • Easy to Make Parent Cards
  • Merit/Demerit Module
  • Outfits Assignments
  • Instrument/Equipment Assignments
  • Parent Committee Management

Attendance Tracking

  • Digital Check-In with Fingertips or Smart Phones
  • Time Stamp Check-In
  • Roll Keeping Is a Breeze!
  • Immediate Texting or Emailing Based on Attendance
  • Great Attendance Reports

Great Group Text Messaging and Emailing

  • No Charge for Texts
  • Personalized Emails
  • Copy Emails to Parents
  • Immediate Texting or Emailing Based on Attendance
  • Worth the Price of The Director

Music Library

  • Computer-based so it is always handy
  • Link Digital files (PDF, Mp3 or practically any file) and View, Play or Print from the Library
  • Print Library Cards and Box labels
  • Great Rehearsal Planning Module with Rehearsal Notes for You!
  • Creates Playlists for Rehearsals
  • Tracks Library Usage
  • Overdue Loaners List Generated Automatically
  • You always own your data!

Rehearsal Planning/Lesson Plans

  • Create Superb Lesson Plans and Rehearsal Plans Quickly
  • Track Progress on Every Song
  • Create Great Flow Charts and Tech Cues for Concerts

Instruments Database

  • Barcode Inventory of all Equipment
  • Track Purchase Price and Replacement Cost
  • Track Repairs and Check-Outs
  • Assign Instruments to Students

Uniforms Database

  • Manage All Uniforms by Sizes
  • Assign Uniforms to Students

Web Page/Newsletter

  • Fully Editable Web Page and FTP Site
  • Share PDF’s, MP3’s, Google Calendar, etc.



The Director 3 in 1 Software $289

Manage Band-Choir-Orchestra


The Director and QR Check-In System with Motorola DS9208 Scanner (refurbished) $499*

*Includes USB Cable


QR Check-In System for use with The Director – Includes Motorola DS9208 Scanner (refurbished) $239*

*Includes USB Cable and license for 1 Additional Workstation

The Director 1 Year Update and Support $99*

1st Year is included with original purchase

Add 1 Workstation $49

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