The Director iHelp – Rehearsals

TD Rehearsals

The Director Rehearsal form is designed to help select songs from the Music Library  and create a Rehearsal Flow Sheet to help you economize your rehearsal time.

  1. Click to select a Rehearsal
  2. Reports
  3. Rehearsal Tools
  4. Edit Rehearsal Lines
  5. Double click to select a Line
  6. Double click to select a song from the Library
  7. Move selected line
  8. Double click to add or edit a rehearsal note for the selected line
  9. Event Time
  10. Start Time of Line



Add a Song

TD Select Song

  1. Begin typing Song Title
  2. Double click Song Title to enter


Rehearsal Notes

TD RehNotes

To add a note, click the note name on the left, then edit the note in the box on the right.  To edit note shortcuts:

  1. Type Name of shortcut
  2. Type shortcut to use

Rehearsal Report

TD Notes

  • Preview, Print, Export to Word, or Create PDF

Rehearsal Form Tools

TD Tools

  • Copy this Rehearsal
  • Delete Rehearsal
  • Open Stopwatch Counter
  • Search
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