The Director iHelp – Dropbox Links

DBoxWorshiPlanner links to files stored in Dropbox

You upload a file to your Dropbox, and WorshiPlanner creates a direct link to the file. Otherwise, a shared link to the file actually sends you to the page in Dropbox instead of linking to the file itself.


Find the Song to Link

Select the song and click the Dropbox image to open the song card dropbox pdf/sound link tab.DropboxSM

TD LibraryCard

Click Browse to find the Song in Dropbox

Find the file to share in Dropbox and click Share.


Drag the link from Dropbox

Drag the link to a Text box on the Song Card and Drop it there. WorshiPlanner converts the link from a page link to a direct link to the file. Please note that only the top and bottom Text boxes on the Song Card are copied to the Worksheet when the song is inserted there.


Click Open (Play) to view (play) the file

You will be prompted to Open or Save the file.


Insert the Song into the Worksheet

When the song is Inserted into the Worksheet the links are copied to the song line.



Report #28 is the wpUpload Instant Web Page

This HTML file will maintain active links to Dropbox files, and can be easily edited and emailed to your team. Even without the wpUpload permanent website, you can email the wpUpload Instant Page. This Page should not be confused with wpUpload that allows you to embed videos, pictures, etc.

WO Reports

This Instant Web Page has active links to your files, Google Calendar and your Personal Notes

These files can be downloaded by your teams, by their just clicking the links. Email this HTML, and you will know that your teams have been notified of the updates.


Download the actual file and try the Links for yourself!


Copy and Paste These Links to wpUpload

When the song has a link(s), these buttons (bottom right) copy title or link to your Clipboard. This is a great shortcut to uploading files 1 at a time to your wpUpload site.

WP LFR Links

Paste (Ctrl-V) the song title or links from your Clipboard

You will still want to select a new window as the Target before you are finished. This opens the file in a new tab in the browser.


Publish your page

Your folks can have immediate access to your service.
This is a great shortcut to uploading files 1 at a time to your wpUpload site. The page below is our sample page at



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