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What Is This?

  • An interactive video teaching choir growth
  • Includes a PowerPoint to use to instruct your Leadership Team

Who Will This Help?

  • Any Choir director who wants to build a choir beyond their personal charisma
  • A choir that has un-connected choir members

What Are Jim Faull’s credentials?

  • Built choirs in 4 states, in 6 churches
  • Spent 9 years as Director of Church Music for the Louisiana Baptist Convention
  • Has taught hundreds of music ministers around the country the principles of choir growth

[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd][section_dd][column_dd span=’6′][text_dd]Several years ago, I started getting invited to share my ideas of choir growth with fellow ministers of music. Eventually, the invitations came from around the country and from coast to coast. I had traveled with a folk-gospel trio named We Three Kings for a year and a half in college and 3 years of seminary, singing in about 500 churches.  I saw first hand both successful and unsuccessful choir programs.  I studied why some choirs grew, and others just existed. When I became a minister of music, I was not satisfied to just get by, but wanted to create an atmosphere where choir did not just survive.  We tried to make rehearsals so good that folks would rather come to rehearsal than stay home.  I came to realize that people want to sing in a God-sized choir. Perhaps the reason that Contemporary style is popular, is that it takes less effort.  It is much easier to schedule a handful of players and singers, than it is to grow a vibrant, faithful choir.[/text_dd][/column_dd][column_dd span=’6′][text_dd]The purpose of sharing choir building ideas is to encourage you to build an organization that has existed for thousands of years, and gives people of various talent levels a way to use that talent for the Lord. People want to sing in your choir!  Seriously, they do.  It is just that some of them are too embarrassed to let you know that they do not know when to turn the page!  Some do not know that choir is open for them, and others have not felt needed. Choir is a living, breathing group that needs special handling. The good news is that God has chosen you to be the leader of your choir!  If not, someone else would have that responsibility! You Can Build a God-Sized Choir is loaded with ways you can let your choir become bigger than you are. Jim Faull[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd]