WP Webinars

The results of the Google Forms survey are in.  Most were interested in the WP News App, followed by the Service Plansheet, Music Library,  Adding New Choir Members with Music Made Easy, and finally Understanding the QR Check-In system.

Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon were the preferred times.  In the spirit of March Madness  we will schedule the webinars as follows:

The WP News App Tuesday March 15 2:00 ET and Thursday March 17 2:00 EDT

Service Plansheet Tuesday March 22 2:00 EDT

The Music Library and General QR Questions Thursday March 24 2:00 EDT

Adding Choir Members with Music Made Easy Tuesday March 29 2:00 EDT

You will need to register for the Webinar at least 1 day prior to the Webinar.  You are welcome to attend any or all of the Webinars.  You may also invite a friend who does not use WP yet to join you.

Space is limited.  Sign-up Today!

All Times are Eastern Daylight Savings Time

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