This page is designed to help WP users to craft a Welcome2Choir App in the WP News App. The Picture Gallery gives you all the pictures that are in the Sample Welcome2Choir App.  You should feel free to use all of our pictures, or any picture that you think will help get new choir members.

Start by creating a New AppRename the App Welcome2ChoirRename the Organization with your church’s name or initials.  The parts of the News App you will use are:

Before Publishing the Welcome2Choir App, Preview the App in your Browser.  Even though most will view the App on their phone, some will view it in their Computer Browser, so it does matter that the 2 columns are close in height.

Picture Gallery

Right Click the Pictures you wish to save and select Save As . . .  Give the pictures unique names that identify them as yours, like JFRightPicture1.pngPlease do not use the name that is assigned to the picture on the web.

Left Picture 1

Left Picture 2

You will need to provide your own parking layout and a picture of the door they enter for rehearsal.  You can either join the 2 Pictures together or both can be uploaded to the Left Picture 2 button.  After uploading the 2 pictures, click the Include Links button and then click the Update Left Picture 2 Button.


Left Picture 3



Right Picture 1

Top Right Note

Come give us a try!
Remember . . .
Choir Rehearsal is much more than
just a rehearsal;
It’s a Worship Experience!
We are pleased to share 53 Music Teaching videos from the Bugle Boy Music YouTube Channel.  You will learn how to navigate a piece of music and become an active choir member.

Right Picture 2

This picture needs the Link to the 53 Music Teaching Videos at our YouTube Channel.   Before Updating Right Picture 2, click the Picture, then the Link button and insert this link: Bugle Boy Music Made Easy – YouTube


Music Made Easy

Click the Music Made Easy button and select Road Signs of Music or another video to display.  You may want to include the text  “This will demo the 52 other videos.”


Right Picture 3