Jim, we are also enjoying the newsletter both the web and print versions.  Truly an amazing time saver and great communication device. It is already making a BIG difference in my ministry. Even our students are taking advantage of this great tool.  William W. Smith FBC Philadelphia, MS

I’ve seen the layout and absolutely love it!  Brad Guthrie West Bradenton BC Bradenton, FL

Just to add…our folks have LOVED the newsletter also!   Jimmy Tompkins Morrishill BC Chattanooga, TN

Jim, I too love the newsletter. I am customizing the form now for use this week.  Jimmie Nettles FBC Smyrna, GA

Thanks, Jim, for the Newsletter feature!! My people love it!  Terry Smith Old Town BC Winston-Salem, NC

Awesome stuff Jim.  Thanks so much!  Wayne Windle Branch’s BC Richmond, VA

Greetings, Jim! I’m having a blast using the newsletter and my folks simply love having a headsup on what we’ll be practicing and being able to listen to tracks in advance.  Mickey Ballard Central BC Paris, KY

 Jim, I cannot thank you enough for fixing my Plan 2 Pray this morning.  I would be lost without it.  I depend on it every day.  Thanks, so much!  Melanie Schantz Quail Springs BC Oklahoma City, OK