WP Music Library

WP Music Library

Still using a spreadsheet to manage your Music Library?

WP Music Library is the most comprehensive computer-based Music Library available. Hundreds of churches and schools are using this Music Library to organize and manage their print and digital music with ease.

Benefits of WP Music Library

  • Computer-based so it is always handy
  • Link Digital files (PDF, Mp3 or practically any file) and View, Play or Print from the Library
  • Print Library Cards and Box labels
  • Great Rehearsal Planning Module with Rehearsal Notes for You!
  • Creates Playlists for Rehearsals
  • Tracks Library Usage
  • Overdue Loaners List Generated Automatically
  • You always own your data!

For an In-Depth look, click here to view the WP Music Library Tutorial Videos!

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WP Music Library $199

WP Music Library Additional Workstation $79

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WP Music Library Annual Update/Support Subscription $79


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WP Music Library is a PC program that works exceptionally on both a Mac computer running Parallels with Windows, and of course on a PC!