E•Z Check-in


Security is Priceless!

EZ Check-In just $849 per station!

EZ Check-In is a database program for securely identifying parents of preschoolers. Each child receives an easy-press name tag label for their back and parent receives a card to redeem their child/children after the event.

A special feature is a one-click emergency text message system to alert the parent by smartphone during a service.

EZ Check-In Components

  • Computer (not included)
  • Thermal label printer – requires NO ink and cost of labels is about one cent each.
  • EZ Check-In software

Choose Your Check-In Method

Cell Phones

  • QR Check-In
  • Motorola DS9208 D2 Barcode Scanner
  • Smart Phones (QR Check-In App)

Bar Code Card

  • QR Check-In
  • Motorola DS9208 D2 Barcode Scanner
  • Nametag with Barcode

Enter a Number

  • Touch Screen or Keyboard

Enrolling Parents

  • Members info imported into EZ Check-In
  • Parents’ or other authorized adults (Grandparents, etc.) download the QR Check-In app from the Apple Store or Google Play

Checking In

  • Parent places cell phone with QR Check-In app in front of computer scanner
  • Parent name and picture appear on screen
  • Preschool child’s name appears on screen
  • Parent enters any special instructions and clicks Print
  • 2 labels print – one for the child and the other for the parent to redeem the child after event

Labels Print in 3 Seconds or Less!


  • Immediate attendance entry into the computer.
  • Instant communication with group text or email components
  • Email attendees and absentees


Emergency Contact

Built-in system to notify parents if they are needed in the Preschool area. Just 4 mouse clicks sends a text message to the parent’s smart phone.

EZ Check-In Software Package $849

  • EZ Check-In
  • Motorola DS9208 and free QR Check-In app
  • GoDex DT4 label printer with Ethernet and cutter
  • 1 roll of 2″x4″ nametag labels – 1240 count

Licensed per computer – includes support and all updates for 1 year


This lightning fast printer creates excellent nametags in less than 2 seconds.  Includes a Cutter, Ethernet, and requires NO INK!

GoDex DT4 Thermal Printer $549

Update and Support

EZ Check-In Annual Update/Support Subscription $180

Additional Workstation Annual Update/Support $36