WorshiPlanner Online Sign Out Sheets


What if your choir members could let you know weeks or months in advance when they needed to miss choir rehearsal or Sunday Service?  Would that help you with your future planning?  A paper Sign Out sheet would work if choir members were in the Choir Room 24/7.  But they are not!  Why not let them Sign Out from the WorshiPlanner News App?

Introducing the new WorshiPlanner Choir Sign Out Sheets The Online way for your choir to let you know their absence schedule.  The Choir Connection Partner System is a great way to keep up with choir members and gauge their level of connection to the choir on a week-to-week basis, however a look at future absences can help you with your service planning.  If there is a low participation Sunday coming up, you could alter the plans.

Your Sign Out Sheets will be online at your Google Drive.  They are accessed with a WorshiPlanner News App link and choir members can have 24/7 access to let you know their anticipated absence schedules.

What about Tech Team and Praise Team Sign Outs?

  • You will need to create a new Folder in MyDrive.
  • Copy the Sign Out Sheets and do some minor editing.
  • Send out a separate News App for each group.

Making this work for you

  • You might want to only keep 3 or 4 upcoming months of Sign Out Sheets in the Folder to share.
  • This means that you need an auxiliary folder for future Sign Outs and Past Sign Outs.
  • How about a cookout every 3 months for those in your group who have perfect attendance, and those that utilize the Sign Out SheetsAlways a good idea to reward good behavior!

I am interested in a 6-month trial of WorshiPlanner

  • I am not totally satisfied with the online planning program I currently use.
  • I realize that there is no requirement to continue the subscription beyond the trial.