QR Code created in WorshiPlanner.  You can make your own!

QR Code Business Cards and Folder Labels are just a click away!

Member ID and Alt ID QR Codes will appear on the Member Card.

The QR Codes have revolutionized the News App.  Now you can Preview the App on your phone BEFORE your folks see it.  Try the QR Code with your phone!

A Welcome2Choir video.

QR Codes also are on the Library and Songs Cards

Purchase the QR Font for $29 to Add QR Codes to WorshiPlanner

  • Make QR Code Folder Labels  for Check-In
  • Easy Scan for Attendance
  • All Barcodes in WP convert to QR Codes

After Purchase 

  • Close WorshiPlanner
  • Download the QRFontSetup.exe to your Desktop
  • Right Click the QRFontSetup.exe file and Run As Administrator
  • Open WorshiPlanner and look at your Member Card to see that the MemberID and AltId QR Codes are present.
  • Tell a friend!

Purchase Now for one time payment of $29