New from WorshiPlanner



We tweaked the Plansheet form and re-designed the Plansheet Tools to group similar items together.

  • The New Plan button remains at the top of the Worship Order form, with the Open/Close Tools, and Open/Close Popups
  • The Plansheet Tools form will stay where you put it, using the Left, Right, Compact, and Full buttons. If you are using the Small Resolution, when you are through with the Tools form, you can close it to get it out of the way.
  • Here is the Teams form. Team members can be dragged and dropped from the team list.  Once they are in a box, you can email or text everyone in that box, or all the selected folks.  After the Teams form is used, a second Teams button with a red dot appears, and opens a report with the Team Members on it.
  • The Edit Lines form now includes a field to enter the group name that is involved with a Library line. Currently this is only available for the Library lines.
  • You can open the Newsletter App, or the Rehearsals form from Plansheet Tools.


  • Popups can be opened all at once from the Open Popups button or one at a time from the Plansheet Tools form
  • Popups can be On or Off. The original large forms appear when turned Off.
  • Popups will stay where you put them when you use the control buttons on the 3 forms. Simply dragging them somewhere will not make them return next time.  The Left, Right, Up, Down, Wider, Less, Taller, Less, all adjust the location, height, or width 500 pixels.  By the way, there are 1440 pixels in an inch!

Members Card

  • The card has been re-designed for easier viewing of data.
  • Member Picture and Groups are located far left.
  • Instagram and Twitter fields for member paths have been added.
  • A new feature I am excited about is the Click to Map button that will open an online map that will contain directions, and possibly a picture of the location. Currently the program uses Bing maps.  This is a map to our house in Kennesaw, GA.  This is the aerial view.
  • Member ID and Alternate ID barcodes can be used in Check-In. Alternate ID numbers MUST be unique numbers!!  They could be robe or folder numbers.
  • Family relationships are stored on the Family Information Tab
  • Parents must be in database to include them on the Member Card.

Newsletter App

  • Redesigned Dashboard Controls
  • Since sometimes the link does not show up in the body of the email, we added a message box for Publish – Email. This suggests clicking the text of the Email, Pressing the End key, and then Pressing the Enter key.  This makes the underlined link appear in the email.