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Hymns in My Heart App


Email groups or individuals

Send personalized text messages with a click

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Manage Members

Manage members and groups

Digital Check-In with QR Codes on Phone

Track attendance – print reports

Pre-formatted Pictorial Directory

Set the Stage

Plan rehearsals, performances, and services

Store song mp3s and pdfs in the cloud

Organize your music library

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WorshiPlanner—Church Music Office

Manage membership data, plan services, and communicate via group-text or email with WP, a comprehensive planning tool.

The Director—School Music Office

Manage uniforms, instruments, event payments, and communicate with your students, parents and boosters with Maestro Suite.

Mark Me Paid

Skip the spreadsheets and use Mark Me Paid forms, receipts, and statements. Then email them to your members directly from the program.

Children's Check-In

Check-in is built into WorshiPlanner and The Director. It is also available as a stand-alone Program for checking in children and preschoolers.

The Music Budget

Create budgets, track spending, produce detailed reports, manage accounts at a glance with The Music Budget. Track member payments with Mark Me Paid.

Music Teaching

Teach your group the basics of music-reading with Music Made Easy, and enhance your conducting techniques with Conducting Made Easy.

Music Library

Manage and organize your music library–both print and digital. The Music Library is contained in both WorshiPlanner and The Director.

The Modulator

Interactive PDF with six modulations for every major key change you can either print or view directly on an iPad or tablet with The Modulator.

Grow Your Choir

Videos & PowerPoint presentations reveal how to grow your choir to the max. Welcome2Choir.com shows potential new members how easy and fun it is to be a part of your choir


Metadata of Worship Songs

Modulator Band and Orchestra Pages


Modulations in The Modulator