Music Budget Pricing

One-time Purchase

If you just need The Music Budget for one computer, and not for multiple computers on a network, this is the package you need.

The Music Budget $169

Annual Updates/Support?

Purchase the one-time product, and add an annual subscription, so we can give you unlimited support and software updates.

Annual Support and Updates $79

More Than One Computer?

That’s not a problem!  For every additional workstation where you want to install this software, add a workstation license to your cart.

Additional Workstation $55

Subscription Free Updates

To be free and clear of recurring costs, and still get updated software, select the one-time update anytime you want the latest version.

Music Budget 1 Time Update $49

Solve The Payment Tracking Problem Right Now!

You know you’re tired of dealing with tracking payments for trips, fundraisers, so you should consider Mark Me Paid!  Many of our Music Budget users also use Mark Me Paid.  No more creating spreadsheets!

More About Mark Me Paid
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