WP 2024 Installation

WP 2024 is created in the 32-bit version of Microsoft Access because the 64-bit version does not allow third party apps.  We use third party apps to send email, upload pictures and News Apps, and more.  If your Office 365 is 64-bit, it needs to be uninstalled and 32-bit re-installed.   This program will work with an earlier version of Microsoft Office, such as Office 2016, but it must be the 32-bit version.

  • If your version of Microsoft Office is the Professional version that includes Microsoft Access, install the WP for Office Professional.
  • If your version of Microsoft Office is the Standard version that does not include Microsoft Access, install the WP for Office Standard

The process

  1. Click the Download WP Now button.  The WP download file is named WP.exe.
  2.  You may need to disable your virus protection software.  After saving the file, double-click on WP.exe.    This is self-extracting zip file that will create a folder located at C:\WP\CD.
  3.  Open the C:\WP\CD folder.
  4.  Right click the WP for Office Professional.exe file or WP for Office Standard.exe, and Run as Administrator, and follow instructions.

WP 2024 is licensed for 1 computer and licenses for additional workstations can be added when you are a paid subscriber.


WP 2024 requires an unlock code. After opening the program, click the button on the Registration Form to submit your registration # to Bugle Boy Music via email.  You will receive your code via email shortly.

Login Instructions

The next time you open WP, you will be prompted for a Username and Password. Use admin as your User Id, and the word password as your password. Go to Setup Email Login at the top of the Utilities page. Add yourself as a User.

This will download WP.exe which is a self-extracting Zip file.  Windows will discourage the download, but it is safe, and you will want to keep it.  Run the file as Administrator.  This will create C:\WP\CD.  Open the C:\WP\CD folder and choose the executable file you need.  If you have Office 365 Professional 32-bit, choose WP for Office Professional, otherwise choose WP for Office Standard.