Worship Assistant Add-On Install

This version of Worship Assistant Edition requires the full version of WorshiPlanner installed. 

  1. Fill out the form below, and click Download Installation File.   If the choice is Find or Save, choose Save.   If the file is not named WorshiPlannerWAadd-on.exe (sometimes the “.exe” is missing) rename it .  When you Save the file, it normally goes to your Downloads folder.
  2. Double click the WorshiPlannerWAadd-on.exe file.
  3. Open the C:\WP\CD\ folder. 
  4. Right click the SetupWA.exe file and Run as Administrator, and follow instructions up to the point of selecting Destination Folder.

WorshiPlanner Worship Assistant Edition  is licensed for 1 computer and licenses for additional workstations can be purchased.