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Uniform Assignments Made Easy!

Check Roll
4 Ways to Check-In

  • QR Code on Their Cell Phones
  • Barcodes
  • Type in a # on Keyboard
  • Touch the # on the on-screen keypad

Quickly Print Nametags

NEW! Web Page Newsletter
Something NEW Under the Sun! The Director Web Page/Newsletter Will Revolutionize the Way you Communicate with Your Students!

A Real Web Page That You Design with Just a Few Clicks in The Director.

Music Library
Does Your Music Library Store Meta-Data and Link to Dropbox Files?

WorshiPlanner’s Music Library Is the BEST!

Email and Text

Personalized Emails Have Greater Impact!

Mail-Merge a Personal Note into Email Messages
Just a few random screen shots

More Help than You Can Imagine!

Planning Just Got Better!

What a Time Saver!

Receipts, Statements, Budgets

Dealing with Group Payments is a PAIN! OK, 100 students stand in line to make payments for the band trip coming up.  You have to:

  • take their money
  • enter the amount, check # and such
  • print a receipt
  • print a Statement
  • email the statement
  • track all their payments
  • track the group payments

Who Has This Kind of Time?

Check This Out, Too!

The Music Budget helps get your Budget Approved!

Most of us have to get approval for our budgets!  The more detailed it is, the better.  A detailed budget shows that you know where you are going and how to get there.   Finance committees seldom approve poorly constructed, vague budgets with little detail.  With The Music Budget, you have a proven template that has met with Budget Committee approval time after time.   Don’t submit a sloppy budget!  Let The Music Budget help you get your budget approved!


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