Would you like to join your church choir, or become a better choir member?  Tired of looking at your neighbor to see when to turn the page?  Sign-up today for your 4 session Music Reading Crash course presented by Jim Faull, the founder of Bugle Boy Music!  Not only will you receive life-changing music instruction, but you will also receive your own copy of the popular Music Made Easy* software program that normally sells for $99 for no additional charge!  The cost for the 4 Summer Zooms is just $19.95!  Less than $5 per class!

How:  Four In-Depth Zoom sessions to help you become a more proficient music reader, complete with Quizzes and Handouts.

When Each of the 4 sessions will be offered live on Tuesdays at 8:00pm EDT in July, and 4 sessions on Tuesdays at 8:00pm EDT in August The sessions will be recorded so if you have to miss one, you can watch a video of the meeting and fit the Zoom meetings into your busy summer schedule.

Who:   Current or potential choir members, regardless of music background.

How Long:   4 One-hour Zoom sessions

Cost:   Just $19.95! (less than $5 per hour!)  Music Made Easy software by itself sells for $99 but you receive it for FREE!

Space is limited.  Sign-up Today!

All sessions begin promptly at 8:00PM EDT

Session 1 July 2 and August 6 Lines and Spaces, Clefs, Musical Alphabet, Accidentals, Measures, Road Signs of Music, Overview of Music Made Easy
Session 2 July 9 and Aug 13 Quizzes, Staff, Notes, Note Values and Money, Duration, Dots, Rests, Build-a-Note, Beams and Flags, Counting, and more . . .
Session 3 July 16 and Aug 20 Review Notes, Major Scales, Pitch, Whole and Half Steps, Rhythm, Symbols of Music
Session 4 July 23 and Aug 26 Symbols Quiz, Chromatics, Circle of Fifths, Key Signatures, Sight-Singing, Keyboard Intervals, Choir Stuff

* Music Made Easy is a PC based software program that will run well on a Mac computer using Parallels and Windows.


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