Installing FingerTip Check-In

1. Fill out the form below and click Download Installation File. Your options should include Run, Find, or Save. If the choice is Find or Save, choose Save. Rename the file FingerTipCheck-In.exe. Then save the file. If you try to open the FingerTipCheck-In.exe file and it asks you which program to use to open it, or says that it is not a valid win32 application, re-download and select RUN.

2. After saving the file, double-click on FingerTipID.exe. This is self-extracting zip file that will create a folder located at C:FingerTipCheck-InCD.

3. Open the C:FingerTipCheck-InCDsetup.exe file. In Windows 7 or 8, it is necessary to right click the setup.exe, and Run as Administrator. FingerTipCheck-In needs to be installed in the program folder for WorshiPlanner, Check-InConnect, or The Band Director, since it shares the database with the host program.

4. SECOND COMPUTER INSTALLATION – After installation, copy the C:FingerTipCheck-In folder to C:FingerTipCheck-In on the other computer, and repeat this process on that computer.

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