Subscribe to WorshiPlanner for 2 years . . . and YOU OWN IT!

WorshiPlanner contains 6 different browsers to help manage online PDF’s, Mp3’s, YouTube videos, Google calendar, 50 Music Reading videos, and any information for you team via our one-of-a-kind Newsletter App

Store your digital files in your own cloud (Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive) and you save on the outrageous cost of the online-only planning programs.

Unlike strictly browser based online programs, that you rent from now on, WorshiPlanner will become yours after only 2 years of subscription!! It will be fully functioning, and every feature will be available.   Receive regular updates and support for $15 per month after the 2 years’ subscription.

Subscription Pricing

Monthly Fee

Subscribe to WorshiPlanner $35 per month

($420 yr)



Additional Workstation $10 per month

($120per yr)


Quarterly Fee

Subscribe to WorshiPlanner for $90 per quarter

($360 yr)



Additional Workstation $32 per quarter

($128 per yr)


Annual Fee

Subscribe to WorshiPlanner $300 per year!

($300 yr)



Additional Workstation $99 per year

($99 per yr)


Purchase Pricing

One-time Purchase

If you could only have 1 program to manage your ministry, you need WorshiPlanner! For a single computer, this is your package.

WorshiPlanner Software $499

Need More Than One?

That’s not a problem!  WorshiPlanner  works great on a network!  Just add a workstation license to your cart for each additional workstation.

Workstation $99

Packages and Hardware Pricing

Extraordinary Music Ministry in a Box!

WorshiPlanner – QR Check-In System – Motorola DS9208 QR Scanner – GoDex DT4x Thermal Printer – 3 Rolls of Labels

WorshiPlanner Super Bundle $1299

GoDex DT4x Thermal Printer

This lightning fast printer creates excellent nametags in less than 2 seconds.  Includes a Cutter, Ethernet, and requires NO INK!

GoDex DT4 Thermal Printer $569


WorshiPlanner QR Check-In Suite

WorshiPlanner, QR Check-In plus the Motorola QR Scanner!  Instant communication based on choir attendance!

WorshiPlanner QR Suite $749

3 Rolls of Labels for GoDex Printer

The great thing about Thermal Labels is they do not need INK!   This is the largest roll for this printer.  Change rolls less often!

3 Rolls of 1240 Labels $59.99


The WorshiPlanner 17 Gold Suite

For just $999, you can have it all!  WorshiPlanner, The Music Budget, Mark Me Paid, QR Check-In plus the Motorola QR Scanner!

WorshiPlanner Gold  $999

QR Check-In and FREE Cell Phone App

Add the QR Code Check-In System to WorshiPlanner.  Motorola DS9208 Scanner, and setup for the FREE QR Check-In app

Cell Phone QR Check-In $299

Extraordinary Music Ministry in a Box!

WorshiPlanner – QR Check-In System – Motorola DS9208 QR Scanner – GoDex DT4x Thermal Printer – 3 Rolls of Labels

WorshiPlanner Super Bundle $1299

Additional QR Code Scanner

Each scanner /workstation handles up to 150 Members checking in. Larger groups can use an additional QR scanner.

Motorola DS9208 $229


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