Software Pricing

WorshiPlanner is a PC based program that runs on a PC, or a Mac computer that is running Parallels and Windows. WorshiPlanner requires that 32 bit version of Microsoft Office be installed on the PC side, preferably Office Professional 365.

Purchase WorshiPlanner

If you could only have 1 program to manage your music ministry, you can’t do better than WorshiPlanner! After the 1st years there is a modest Upgrade and Support subscription.

WorshiPlanner Software $499

Additional Workstations

That’s not a problem!  WorshiPlanner  works great on a network!  Multiple users can be in the program at the same time.  Just add a workstation license to your cart for each additional workstation.

Workstation $129

Packages and Hardware Pricing

Extraordinary Music Ministry in a Box!

WorshiPlanner – QR Check-In System – Motorola DS9208 QR Scanner – GoDex DT4x Thermal Printer – 1 Roll of Labels (1240)

WorshiPlanner Super Bundle $1299

GoDex DT4x Thermal Printer

This lightning fast printer creates excellent nametags in less than 2 seconds.  Includes a Cutter, Ethernet, and requires NO INK!

GoDex DT4 Thermal Printer $569


WorshiPlanner QR Check-In Suite

WorshiPlanner, QR Check-In plus the Motorola QR Scanner!  Instant communication based on choir attendance!

WorshiPlanner QR Suite $749

3 Rolls of Labels for GoDex Printer

The great thing about Thermal Labels is they do not need INK!   This is the largest roll of 4″x 2″ labels for this printer.  Change rolls less often!

3 Rolls of 1240 Labels $74.99


Additional QR Code Scanner

Each scanner /workstation handles up to 150 Members checking in. Larger groups can use an additional QR scanner.

Motorola DS9208 $229

Single Roll of Labels for GoDex Printer

The great thing about Thermal Labels is they do not need INK!   This is the largest roll of 4″x 2″ labels for this printer.

1 Roll of 1240 Labels $30


The WorshiPlanner Gold Suite

For just $999, you can have it all!  WorshiPlanner, The Music Budget, Mark Me Paid, QR Check-In plus the Motorola QR Scanner!

WorshiPlanner Gold  $999

QR Check-In and FREE Cell Phone App

QR Code Check-In System to WorshiPlannerMotorola DS9208 Scanner, and unlimited  FREE QR Check-In apps for members

Cell Phone QR Check-In $299

Annual Update and Support Subscriptions

Nearly every week, we hear from a WorshiPlanner user who needs software configuration help because of computer or network issues and needs help getting WorshiPlanner back up.

Annual Support/Updates

Upgrades and Support are included for the 1st year.  This annual subscription is for after year 1.

Annual Upgrade/Support $200

We are constantly striving to add improvements and features that make your job easier!  The Annual Update and Support Fee will keep you using the latest version of WorshiPlanner!

Additional Computer Support

Our famous Support for each networked computer for which you have the Annual Support and Upgrades subscription.

Additional Computer Fee $40

Special One-time Support Token Occasionally our users have minor network or mapping issues that we can solve.  This saves the users from paying out many times this much for IT help.

Additional Computer Support

Support that goes beyond the ordinary software support may require a Special Support Token.  This might be computer hard drive or network crashes.

Special Support Token Fee $40

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