The Director Suite

Copy of The Director Suite

Now includes the Wonderful QR Check-In System and Scanner!

Band Directors, Choral Directors and Orchestra Directors will love the new Director software that helps you organize your band, school music program and build communication with your students, parents, and boosters.  All three programs are packaged together. You can change from Band to Choral with 2 clicks of the mouse.

The Director Suite is comprised of The Director, The Music Budget, and Mark Me Paid Software. The Suite also includes the QR Check-In system and a D2 barcode scanner to scan from cell phones or barcodes.  You will be amazed at how much more you can get done while still at school.

  • Group Texting and Emailing
  • The Best Music Library on the Market
  • Manage your overall music budget
  • Manage Students, Uniforms, Instruments and Payments
  • Digital Roll Keeping Using Fingers, Cell Phones, or Typing a Member Number into the Check-In form
  • Print Nametags as they check-in
  • Merit/Demerit System
  • Manage and Communicate to Parent Committees with Ease
  • Import Member, Library, Uniform, and Instrument Data from Excel
  • Build Rehearsals Using the Music Library and the National Teaching Standards

The Director

MarkMePaidLogoLargeThe Music Budget

The Director Suite $599

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