WP Music Library

WP Music Library

Still using a spreadsheet to manage your Music Library?

WP Music Library is the most comprehensive computer-based Music Library available. Hundreds of churches and schools are using this Music Library to organize and manage their print and digital music with ease.

Benefits of WP Music Library

  • Computer-based so it is always handy
  • Link Digital files (PDF, Mp3 or practically any file) and View, Play or Print from the Library
  • Print Library Cards and Box labels
  • Great Rehearsal Planning Module with Rehearsal Notes for You!
  • Creates Playlists for Rehearsals
  • Tracks Library Usage
  • Overdue Loaners List Generated Automatically
  • You always own your data!

For an In-Depth look, click here to view the WP Music Library Tutorial Videos!

Also Check out the Chorister’s Guild Edition

The WP Music Library CG Edition contains nearly 2200 songs and resources from Choristers Guild. The library includes sample music in PDF and MP3 format.

Purchase Today

WP Music Library $169

WP Music Library Additional Workstation $49

use WP Music Library on multiple computers

Update and Support

WP Music Library Annual Update/Support Subscription $49

Free Webmeeting

Click here to schedule a free, personal web-meeting tour of WP Music Library. Questions about WP Music Library? Call today at 770-653-5094.

WP Music Library is a PC program that works exceptionally on both a Mac computer running Parallels with Windows, and of course on a PC!

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