Choristers Guild Music Library


Introducing the Choristers Guild Edition of the WP Music Library

In association with Choristers Guild, Bugle Boy Music has created a stand-alone edition of the WP Music Library. The WP Music Library is normally embedded in WorshiPlanner Music Office software and The Director school music software. In addition to being an excellent way to manage print and digital music for churches and schools, the WP Music Library CG Edition contains nearly 2200 songs and resources from Choristers Guild. The library includes sample music in PDF and Mp3 format. The digital files are online, so it is necessary to be online to view and listen to the music.

Benefits of WP Music Library

For an In-Depth look, click here to view the WP Music Library Tutorial!

Screenshots of WP Music Library CG Edition

Explanation of WP Music Library CG Edition

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WP Music Library Annual Update/Support Subscription $49

WP Music Library is a PC program that works exceptionally on both a Mac computer running Parallels with Windows, and of course on a PC!

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