Linking WorshipData File


WorshiPlanner consists of the Front End database (WP.accde) and the Back End database (WorshipData.accdb).  Your data is stored in the Back End.  The shortcut points to the Front End and opens it.  The Front End then looks for the Back End and links the tables of data back to the Front End.  As long as all media files (pictures, PDF, mp3 files, etc.) are in your Cloud and linked to WorshiPlanner, the program is totally self sufficient, whether run from the network or the local computer.

Microsoft Access is the engine for WorshiPlanner.  Currently either Access 2013 or Access 2016 (Contained in Office 365) or the runtime versions are required to run WorshiPlanner.  We distribute the runtime version with the program.

The Front End Database should be installed to the Local C:Drive in the WP folder.  you can set the path for the Back End using the form below.  this form is accessed from the Main Menu page and also should appear the first time you open WorshiPlanner.


Using WorshiPlanner Remotely When Data is on a Network (Requires a Laptop or Tablet Computer):



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