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The Director

Take control of your school music planning

The Director

Band Directors, Choral Directors and Orchestra Directors will love the new Director software that helps you organize your band, school music program and build communication with your students, parents, and boosters. 

  • Group Texting and Emailing
  • The Best Music Library on the Market
  • Manage Students, Uniforms, Instruments
  • Digital Roll Keeping Using Fingers, Cell Phones, or Typing a Member Number into the Check-In form
  • The Best Music Library on the Market
  • Print Nametags as they check-in
  • Merit/Demerit system built in
  • Manage and Communicate to Parent Committees with Ease
  • Import Member and Instrument Data from Excel
  • Build Rehearsals Using the Music Library and the National Teaching Standards

QR Check-In


Instant Communication Based on Attendance*

  • Simplify roll call
  • Text attendees and absentees with a click
  • Students check-in from their cell phones
  • Comes with a QR Scanner and a free QR Check-In App for the students
  • Prints nametags when students check-in (optional thermal printer available)

*Requires The Director software

Mark Me Paid


Why Re-Invent the Wheel with Every Payment Project?

  • Group Payment Tracking
  • Email Receipts to Phone
  • Almost zero set up time
  • Manage multiple trips, projects, or fees
  • Merge Payment Details into Emails

The Music Budget

Impress the Finance Committee!MBNew350

  • Track spending
  • Get the detail where it counts
  • Impressive reports

WP Music Library

WP Music Library

Still using a spreadsheet to manage your music library?

  • Computer-based so it is always handy
  • Link Digital files (PDF, Mp3 or practically any file) and View, Play or Print from the Library
  • Print Library Cards and Box labels
  • Great Rehearsal Planning Module with Rehearsal Notes for You!
  • Creates Playlists for Rehearsals
  • Tracks Library Usage
  • Overdue Loaners List
  • Generated Automatically
  • You always own your data!

Music Made Easy

Music Made Easy

Interactive Music-teaching Software

  • A new way to learn or teach music!
  • Complete music primer for all ages
  • Lines – Spaces – Clefs – Notes – Scales – Intervals, and much more!
  • Trains choir members or individuals to read music
  • Designed for Schools, Churches, or Home Schools
  • Use a computer and video projector for groups (PC based – Macs need Windows)

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