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WorshiPlanner will help you…


  • Manage the complete Music and Worship Ministry
  • Music Library
  • Group Text Messaging
  • Manage Choir Connection Partners
  • QR Code on Cell Phone for Attendance
  • Instant Communication Based on Attendance
  • Group Email
  • Pictorial Directory
  • Membership Management
  • Name Tags, Envelopes, Mailing Labels
  • Music Library Box Labels
  • Grow Your Choir!

QR Check-In

Instant Communication Based on Attendance*

  • Simplify roll call
  • Text attendees and absentees with a click
  • Free QR Check-In App

*Requires WorshiPlanner

Welcome 2 Choir


Attract and welcome new members to choir

  • Your own web site that attracts choir visitors.
  • A fun and easy way to lure potential choir members to your rehearsal.
  • Your choir members share the link with folks they would like to see in the choir.
  • Takes away the intimidation people might feel about the choir experience.
  • Your own pre-designed and easily editable website.
  • A great use of the Internet to help grow your choir!

E•Z Check-in

Childrens’ Check-in System

  • Immediate attendance entry using a cell phone, or ID number.
  • Instant communication with group text or email components
  • Email attendees and absentees

Mark Me Paid


MMPWhy Re-Invent the Wheel with Every Payment Project?

  • Group Payment Tracking
  • Email Receipts to Phone
  • Almost zero set up time
  • Manage multiple trips, projects, or fees
  • Merge Payment Details into Emails

The Music Budget

MBRedIcoImpress the Finance Committee!

  • Track spending
  • Get the detail where it counts
  • Impressive reports

WP Music Library

WP Music Library

Still using a spreadsheet to manage your music library?

  • Computer-based so it is always handy
  • Link Digital files (PDF, Mp3 or practically any file) and View, Play or Print from the Library
  • Print Library Cards and Box labels
  • Great Rehearsal Planning Module with Rehearsal Notes for You!
  • Creates Playlists for Rehearsals
  • Tracks Library Usage
  • Overdue Loaners List
  • Generated Automatically
  • You always own your data!

The Modulator


Super Worship Transitions – Make your Accompanists Happy

  • Deliver smooth transitions between keys
  • Downloadable, Interactive PDF
  • Six transitions per key change
  • Buy modulations by the key or get the whole batch
  • Universal access on PC, Mac, iPads, and other tablets

Music Made Easy


Interactive Music-teaching Software

  • One Church added 50 new choir members using Music Made Easy.  We will tell you how.
  • Complete music primer for all ages
  • Lines – Spaces – Clefs – Notes – Scales – Intervals, and much more!
  • Trains choir members or individuals to read music
  • Designed for Schools, Churches, or Home Schools
  • Use a computer and video projector for groups (PC based – Macs need Windows)

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